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It’s time to explore new ways of farming, eating and living

High View Farmstead is a new regenerative farm in the Sussex South Downs in the small village of Streat.
We have started our market garden in the spring 2021.

We farm in a regenerative way.
We use hand tools and the no-dig methods on our market garden to build the soil.


All the compost and the seeds we use are certified organic. We never use any synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. Although we believe our farming practices go beyond organic standards, we are currently not certified organic as we do not agree with the system of penalising farmers for farming organically by making them pay for certifications.


Nutrition, freshness, quality and taste are important to us. Retailers and customers regularly comment on the taste and how fresh our produce is. Some firm favourites are lettuces and spinach bunches which stay fresh in the fridge for over a week!

Some produce growing on the farm include courgettes (flowers also available), lettuces, salad mixes, true spinach, rainbow swiss chard, beetroot, celeriac, carrots, purple sprouting broccoli, kale, turnip, fennel, leeks, beans, peas, potatoes, and more! We always try growing heritage varieties when possible.

Farm grown cabbage

We sell our produce wholesale to local retailers and restaurants. You can also get in touch if you are not one of those but would like to buy our produce.


Would you like to get some of our produce? Get in touch by filling the form below.